1st Annual Northwest Undressed Tasar Sailors Regatta

Two beautiful days of 2-12 knots were shared by 16 Tasars last weekend at Sail Sand Point. It’s great that drawing just from the Seattle area there can be so many competitive boats. The racing was very tight throughout the fleet and there were no known protests. The lake’s tricky-to-read wind found many sailors winning one race only to be near the back in the next. This kept everyone on their toes and was a nice change of pace from sailing in other fleets where pecking orders get established early on. Maybe that’s why the J24’s still have the biggest fleet in Seattle?  Many thanks to Ellie and Alex for hosting a great barbecue on Saturday evening. I don’t think that we can declare a tug-a-rope champion. America’s Cup RC member Ben Glass very generously volunteered his time and ran 11 flawless races in challenging conditions. Jen Glass and Taylor Hubbard also graciously helped out on the water. Congratulations to Angus and Anni for debuting their new-to-them Tasar. Michaela possibly doubled her regatta experience and was also seen port tacking the fleet in one race. I’m sure that everyone is mulling over how they could have saved a few points, especially those in the almost 3 way tie for second which saw Abo and Haley win by one point over Brendan and Alex who beat the McKees out in a tie for third. I had the distinct advantage of having fabulous fresh partners each day with Lindsay and Jen but am still having nightmares about getting pinched off and keeping my jib battens from inverting downwind. It should be noted the Schmidts’ hiatus has ended and they were winning the regatta after the first few races and likely could have won if Erin had a sitter for Sunday, but all thought it was cute to see Chuck and Andy sailing together again. Thanks to regatta chairmen Mike and Alex for making it all happen. Look forward to seeing you at the SNUTS next year!