The North American Tasar Association has a rich tradition of sailing in unique locations of the beautiful Northwestern United States and Canada while emphasizing a friendly, fun, and competitive atmosphere. While NATA is one of the smaller Tasar Associations internationally, we have competitively sailed the Tasar since its inception in the 1970’s. The Tasar is a great boat, please contact your local Fleet Officer for more information on how to get involved.

North American Tasar Association Officers

Elected at the NATA AGM 2012

President – Francois Hebert
Vice President – Gary Brandt
Secretary – Julian Hannabuss
Treasurer – Diane Dronsfield
Measurer – Guy Wall
Past President – Tony Norris

If you are looking to get involved with the fleet, contact your local fleet officer.

Seattle: Mike Karas

Oregon: Tony Norris

Vancouver BC: François Herbert

Each fleet has an Yahoo email list for communication purposes.

Seattle Fleet

Oregon Fleet

Vancouver BC Fleet

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